The Signs of the Zodiac

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Over several years, I have written 12 essays on the symbols of the Zodiac. They reflect 30 years of exploration of this Occult Science. The word “occult” is probably the most maligned and misunderstood word in the English Language. It has absolutely nothing to do with a “cult,” nor dark forces of any kind. The derivation of the word stems from Latin, “occultare,” meaning, “hidden from the eye.” Therefore, any symbol which has underlying meaning, is an occult symbol. The numbers, 1 through 9, are in essence occult symbols as well. Therefore anyone who has studied mathematics is working within an occult system. Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics, also channeled and brought down to Earth, the occult science of Numerology, which is incorporated within the Astrological matrix. The modern day school system values Mathematics, but has turned a blind eye to the value of studying these symbolic sciences. Pythagoras once said, “All the meaning of life is veiled in numbers.” For he knew what hidden meaning lay beneath their pictured surface.

So let’s right from the start, remove that negative misjudgment about Astrology as an Occult Science. Those on the Spirit Plane work with symbolism to communicate to those in the Physical Plane, for example, during a person’s dream state. As a famous philosopher once said, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” That is precisely why occult symbols that can contain within them a complex hidden meaning, offer much in describing consciousness with but one glance.

Several years ago, in the news, there was presented a challenge to this symbolic science by an astronomer who pointed out that the actual astrological signs represented by constellations in the sky have shifted one month in position from their current position as compared to where they sat in the sky, two thousand years, when they were in exact alignment with the Natal Chart Wheel.

What the left-brain scientist does not understand about Astrology is that it is left and right brain in nature. The daily positioning of the constellations and other astral bodies is scientifically calculated, but the Natal Chart, which first describes the Sun Sign, the soul’s basic characteristic, is set seasonally, never to change.

So for instance,  Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, who is all about renewal and manifestation, will always have its position at the vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring when life bursts forth seemingly from nowhere. And then, with that right brain symbol established, the energies that emanate from the exact positions of the astral bodies is set over that. So have no worry that your Astrology Sun sign is not accurate, if perhaps you were aware of this controversy a few years ago.

The foolish scientist, and the Media who ran with the story, should have simply done an Internet search to fundamentally understand the matrix of Astrology, that it uses both sides of the brain, instead of only the logic center of the left, as do journalists and scientists, primarily.

With that somewhat ignorant view now put to rest, let’s enjoy learning more about ourselves by exploring symbolism of the Spirit Plane through the medium of Astrology.

The following essays describe common characteristic of each Sun sign. A Sun sign represents the Higher Self or Soul’s basic nature, like our Sun is the Source. Within the Natal Chart, also called the birth chart, there are many factors that can color, override, or altar the qualities described by the Sun sign. So one needs to simply be open to the qualities analyzed within the glyph to look deeper at the Self. If something mentioned doesn’t seem to apply, then more than likely, other aspects in the person’s Natal Chart have influence to balance the specific quality described that may not seem to be present.

And most importantly, if a person’s birthday lands near the change of signs by three days or so, either way, there is a blending of the two signs that touch, this placement being called,  “on the cusp.” Plus, if the birthday is during the last week of any month, one needs to again mix the previous sign’s qualities with one’s own Sun symbol.

For instance, January is the Capricorn month of business and emotional control. However, if one is born an Aquarian from January 19-31, then those qualities are added to the Aquarian’s nature that is described for the month of February. But primarily, each soul’s fundament way of being is described by the Sun sign where the birthday actually lands.

I have begun attaching a video to some of these essays. In time all will be visualized. Just click on the icon below to either listen, read or view, in some cases, what I have come to understand are the common qualities of these astrological symbols.

May you find the information enlightening!

Scott Clark Woolley

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