Humanity’s Kind and Close Companion

Humanity’s Kind and Close Companion

Image of Gaia created by Bill Dietrich for DVD#8 “Spring Flowers In Sugar”.

More and more mankind is coming to understand that the planet upon which it inhabits, is a living, breathing entity. What most people fail to consider is that the Greeks and Romans in their mythology, as well as folklore maintained by tribes of the American Indian, understood more the truth that Mother Earth, that she is an immense being of great consciousness, not just a ball of rock with a molten core, spinning throughout the Solar System that humanity rests upon.

     As the lyrics state, from the song I composed, “In Praise of Gaia”: “She goes by many names of old, Gaia and the Goddess told.” Various cultures of the world have named her Yo, Terra Mater, Geo and so on. But the one unmistakable fact about the nature of this planet is that she is a feminine polarity spirit whose third dimensional sheath makes up each human’s physical body for a chosen period of time.
Fear-based religions here on Earth have taught otherwise, that the Mother is only outside of us, rather than that she is part of our own being. The nature of existence on this planet is that the species of Man and Gaia’s consciousness are companions to one another in a state of symbiosis, whether any one man or woman wishes to believe that or not.
Every human’s body is made up of molecular substance of the Earth with spiritual light energy of consciousness inhabiting it. The axiom “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” is a reminder of this at death. Spirit needs the density of form in order to experience itself in a deeper and more tangible way. It is through this joining of flesh with the soul that it is able to purge old feelings and negative patterns with the added challenge or test of the physical dimension which brings with it the experience of pain.
Pain guides and teaches and it is the consciousness of Mother Earth who leads us out of our fears with prompts of pain when the consciousness is mentally imbalanced, caught fearfully in the act of hurting the Self. The painless state of being when we are in spirit does not allow for the greatest speed of soul growth.
When anyone’s mind chooses fear, the resistance to reality causes pain to the physical body. It acts as a sign post that the spirit needs to alter its thinking or behavior in order to transcend its fears and phobias. When one is in fear, that densifying thought affects the planet consciousness as well. Upon which, there is given a loving response to the soul to become more aware of how mind is being misused and causing even pain to the mother of us all.
One of the main ways she communicates with the spirits she harbors is through weather pattern responses to their unconscious behavior. It has been shared from Spirit that during the Irag War, arrogantly named, “Shock and Awe,” the bombs that were exploded so disturbed Gaia that she sent karmic lessons of hurricanes, tornados and disruptive weather events to the United States later that year.
She and the natural forces did it not to punish Man for the unconscious act they were pursuing, but rather to break the male polarity down to feel his feelings and Heart, the Yin aspect, which would inevitably lead them to less defensive and destructive behavior in the future. Right after that military event, there increased many natural events that had the ultimate effect of humbling some aggressive humans.
Here is a recorded message from the actual consciousness of Mother Earth which was channeled through Maurice B. Cooke in the 1970’s. He reveals by her own words, how she contracted eons ago to suffer Mankind’s negative patterns, knowing that in time, the species would evolve out of it. Have a listen to the loving consciousness of Gaia, she that is your body.
Glenn Corbett as Zephram Cockran, awaiting contact with “The Companion” in the 1960’s TV series, “Star Trek,” episode entitled, “Metamorphosis.” This movie still from the episode, is right before symbiosis occurs…a joining of the man with the soul of the planet in a state of love.
There is a symbolic episode of “Star Trek” which explores the theme of a planet that is merged in consciousness with a man who is harbored there for 150 years. Spirit often inspires and uses science fiction writers to teach mankind about life beyond the physical in order to expand his concepts about the nature of reality. That is why those who think science fiction is silly are afraid to accept that life is more dimensional, mystical and magical than the left-brain logic of Man wants to believe.
In the first picture above, the character of Zephram Cochran, the discoverer of space warp in the series, describes that he regularly communicates with the being who is the planet’s spirit form by simply clearing his mind.
A cloud of consciousness then appears and envelopes him. With a universal translator, the crew soon discovers that the entity he regularly merges with is female in nature and deeply loves the man she nurtures, even keeping him from aging.
As the planet’s spirit shares later, “My life emanates from this place…if I were to leave it even for a tiny march of days, I would cease to exist.”
At first Zephram is sort of appalled that “The Companion,” as he calls it, loves him so intimately. He feels personally violated once he discovers she is of feminine polarity entering his most intimate thoughts. Later he is to learn that he is truly blessed by her devotion. The universal theme is taught brilliantly in this symbolic episode, by the female writer, D. C. Fontana, that man in ego, not really wanting to give up mental control of the feminine aspect that is within, is better with her than without her.
Now that it has been clearly established that the Earth is a being that is most alive, let’s consider how dis-eases in Man can be lessened with an understanding that the body is also Mother Earth’s body which contains her more evolve and advanced consciousness as well as her vast healing abilities.
It is a common understanding that once one learns a physical act of any kind, like dancing or playing the piano, one must let the body and feelings take over rather than maintaining mental control during the artful presentation.
In essence, one is letting a more advance entity co-create along with the human spirit that has learned the steps or musical notes. In performance, when we mentally get in our own way and interrupt the flow, we are inhibiting too the knowledge and expertise of Gaia. She is always there to nurture and improve any situation through our form, but man’s ego in fear often resists her, or does not allow her full awareness to enter his being, especially letting her completely take over form.
Now let’s look at one person’s account of how simply expressing gratefulness to her can lessen a physical malady. An enlightened thought was shared by a dear friend of mine, Robert Camacho, licensed massage therapist. He promotes the understanding that simply thanking the body for accomplishing a needed task brings with it healing. Most of us yell or curse at our body when the pain hurts. That does not help the situation and only inhibits the healing.
Robert shared recently that many years ago, he had chronic leg pain which ultimately led him to his now chosen career of owning a health spa in Albany and Amsterdam, New York, “Virgo Massage & Bodyworks”. He explained that at some point when walking up stairs with his legs bothering him, he began saying inwardly, “Thank you,” with each step. He found very soon that the leg pain exited completely.
I said to him, “Why do you think that worked?” He said, “Being kind to the body is how we need to be rather than annoyed at it when pain occurs.” He had shared that concept many times in the past and it always made sense. Paraphrasing, then I said, “Also, I think it is because of directly communicating with the body which is Mother Earth’s form. She has responded to the expression of gratefulness by sending healing love energy back to you. By talking to her so directly, one evokes her greater awareness. And like most mothers who respond “cardinally,” meaning quickly, she wants to heal the situation,. She of course does. That is, if we stop yelling at her.
Robert thought for a moment and agreed that there is a more direct being that can helps us always, even more than evoking the Universal One Mind, as was his habit. We need to summon the love that is available to each and every person through the physical body and consciousness of Gaia.
So the lesson here is to consider a more direct act of communication with that being who has temporarily merged with our soul. For she will never desert humanity or any person who asks for help. Her love for all of mankind, even the most evil and destructive elements, is unconditional. That overflowing watery font is so vast and powerful, humans cannot quite comprehend the degree of limitless love she expresses for the Family of Man, and always has, since the first spark of human life appeared in her loving arms, ages ago.
So use the connection that is inherent to being in the flesh, that Gaia, is ever present to lead one out of fear and dis-ease. And most importantly too, the kinder that mankind is to this planet, the more she can respond in kind with her endless, healing love.
Generally speaking, mankind is completely unaware of this deep physical connection to the consciousness of the planet. In time, that companionship will become more apparent, and eventually, humanity will work with her to heal this gem of a world, rather than continually fight against the health of all concerned.
End transmission……….and the extremely painful,
abusive act by Man of fracking our companion, Gaia!

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