Being With One’s True Power

A Lotus flower in sugar ~ Wish to create this amazing symbolic flower? Go here!

The mandala symbol of Eastern cultures originates form the archetype image of the Lotus flower, slowing unfolding itself, like the energy center of the Crown chakra at the top of the head upon reaching enlightenment. 

Mahatma Buddha is believed to have risen from the Lotus, which simply meant, through meditative practices, he opened up gradually tp Universal Consciousness through the passive state of being-ness.

During most human daily activities, the mind is busy thinking how to achieve power, either through monetary gains in business and work, or by trying to control completely that which it governs. This is ego thinking and doing, a yang male activity of the mind in fear. For true power comes not from the realm of the mind, but from the Heart Center. Love is power, not mind wanting more than exists at any one moment in the “eternal now”. That is not to say, that one is wasting time doing activities that bring abundance or wealth, which is a form of power in the Earth Plane, but true multi-dimensional power comes from expressing fully and deeply, the energy which flows through the center of “All That Is,” the healing energy of Heart.

Heart nurtures and cares, stemming from the love emanating from the Central Sun. Busy, mental activities can be more of an expression of individual ego, feeling alone and separate, wishing to create a “safe” place for itself in its illusion of reality. Ego in the past has been programmed to believe that it is by itself, and therefore must work hard to make reality a safer place. Mind caught in a state of fear then begins to take over the consciousness, continually thinking and worrying about how to find that illusory peace. However, it will never find that peaceful state which “passeth all understanding” if the mind remains busily searching for that which is right at hand, or in truth, at Heart. Truth teaches us that all is forever safe; For all is loved dearly and guided from higher realms.

So to find the path to open up the consciousness of Heart that remains dormant in most hue-mans, a person needs to first take mental charge of the mind in order to approach more a state of being-ness. If thoughts of lack and fear constantly pervade the consciousness, there is no way the physical body can relax to receive the energy through the 4th chakra of the body, the heart Center, an energy wheel that spins threads of love from higher realms. 

Mind interrupts the receptive nature of this functionality. Therefore, it is essential for any person to learn to quiet the mind at least twice a day for a period of ten minutes or more. For without this state of openness, sitting and being, the emerald ray of healing that emanates from the Heart Center, cannot be received and then shared with others. So it is the work of each and every individual to learn to take charge of their mind and not let it occupy the driver seat of their vehicle. For if they do, the unique bends in the road of life will not be followed as safely as with Heart driving. A mind in fear and want might choose directions based on illusory thoughts and drive right off a cliff.

For fear is an illusion of the mind. What one fears never occurs. And those challenges that do occur in life are planned and lovingly presented to each soul in order to help that consciousness transcend its fears. Hence, there is never a good reason to be in a state of fear regarding one’s future or present difficult challenge. Spirit provides specific challenges for the consciousness that are appropriate for the level of development already achieved. That is where the axiom, “One is never given that which one cannot handle” has true meaning. Fear may cause the person to shrink and pull away from the challenge, but in truth, they were fully capable of transcending the situation or it would not have been presented to the consciousness.

Ego believes that life is in a constant state of chaos which is not the nature of reality. C. S. Lewis’s phrase, “There seem no plan, because it is all plan” applies here.

These life challenges are meant to be a purging experience of the soul’s “Emotional Body”. Ego likes to think that breaking down and crying is failure of control. But that would be its folly of denial. For if one is sad, one needs to be with that emotional in order to express it out and get rid of it. Otherwise, the emotion stays locked in the consciousness, unmoved and blocking heart energy from entering. For lower vibrational emotions created from thoughts of fear are literally dense thoughtforms which block the higher frequency of light to enter through the Heart Center. If too much is stored in the soul’s emotional body from lifetimes of mental control over the expression of emotions, much work needs to be done to release those feelings that are in the way of the Heart Center’s self expression. 

The soul incarnates in order to feel the stored emotions more deeply than it can in its higher realm. The density of the Physical Plane is the perfect petri dish for discovering what negative emotion is in the way of one’s soul growth. One literally can feel those emotions deeper in this dense and difficult Physical Plane. And it is the watery nature of Mother Earth that lends itself best to shedding emotions and opening up to Heart consciousness. In essence, most people are mentally imbalanced leaning towards the Yang, male polarity of Mind, wishing to learn more about their feeling nature and how best to express the Yin aspect of the feminine which is connected and taps into Heart.

So do not judge when the need to cry or vent anger comes upon the Self. These bits of denial are being stimulated to release for the good of the Higher and Lower Self. For if the hue-man in the physical dimension has the density of emotional denial pervading its emotional body, the higher frequencies cannot enter to heal a situation which may need its help. 

Hue-mans are often their own worst enemy by thinking it is not okay to feel the emotions that have been already has created. They do not just vanish if not expressed or ignored. Each and every emotional thoughtform adheres to the consciousness until it is consciously released. That is why when one remembers a person who has wronged them, the emotions pop up quickly with their desire to express. In those cases often the mind again takes charge and only ruminates, rather than expels those emotions finally by allowing the self to feel their depth of being.

So it is through allowing the self to be passive, in a state of being, that one is first able to discover that which is stored inside. Upon discovery, a giving in and allowing them to be is then needed to not interrupt the self expression. Basically, hue-mans are very good at avoiding themselves. The saying “Know thyself” includes discovering, acknowledging and then allowing the emotions to express themselves. For once shed, it is a revelation often the depth and level of rage or sadness that has been kept at bay sometimes for eons on the soul level.

Nothing too is more damaging to the functionality of the physical body than unexpressed lower vibrational emotions stored in denial. They each have a specific vibratory rate that adheres to that part of the body, organ or system that has a similar vibratory frequency. If such negative emotions constantly are created, or remain unexpressed through life, that part of the body that harbors them closely will eventually slow down its ability to regenerate or function. 

For example, if enough frustrated thoughts of “the sweetness in my life is gone” are created by the mind in want and fear, those negative emotions will adhere to the pancreas, the organ which assimilates sweetness in the body. The person emoting internally that there is not enough sweetness in their life, will then reach for sweet things of the physical Plane to assimilate, adding only more burden to the weakening pancreas, thus leading to a form of diabetes. It is then only through release of these emotional fears, followed by choosing to love the self and one’s reality, including even the tests and difficult challenges that crop up in life, that this dis-ease of the mind can be truly healed. A positive affirmation can be helpful once the emotions are shed to strengthen one’s ability to process the sweetness consumed. Repeat as often as possible, “I easily assimilate the sweetness of my life.” This can dissipate on a conscious level the negative thoughtforms which are causing a deleterious affect on the body.

Well, one might ask, “What is a good way to bring my consciousness daily into a state of being.” It can be as simple as allowing oneself to simply sit in a chair with eyes closed in order to go inside and be with what is held there. There are many meditative practices to learn to be more receptive and be not ruled by the ego’s controlling nature. One that is helpful, the rather simple technique of Transcendental Meditation is described below.

May your Heart find a new found freedom from fear, and a willingness to be powerful in a loving and vulnerable way. For Heart cannot exist fully if one mentally judges the softer, more feminine quality of being in a state of Love. For it is there that one’s healing power can truly be found and tapped into for the good of the self as well as for those people needing love for their own personal healing.

End transmission.

Peace of Mind with Transcendental Meditation

A very nice customer of mine recently asked me about the lotus position graphic I had on the main page of my “Metaphysical Study” section of my site. She was curious about learning a meditation technique, so I directed her to some videos on Youtube that have captured the main individual responsible for exposing me, and the world, to this helpful mental exercise of Transcendental Meditation, often called, T.M., for short.

In 1972, while still a senior in high school, I was exposed to the meditative technique of Transcendental Meditation. It is a mental exercise for quieting the active mind. It is in no way a religious practice. It is a human exercise that helps to reduce fearful mental thoughts continually being created by the Ego, the left brain, which was is often in constant fear.

It was actually the rock group, the Beatles, who helped expose Maharesh Mahesh Yogi to the United States. During their trip to India, they met this guru (guru means teacher) whose gentle peaceful persona attracted the men’s interest, maybe due to their overly active life at that time. He explains further in this second video about the TM meditation technique.

In the United States, this teacher had trained many people who traveled around lecturing, presenting the technique to initiates for a very small fee. If I remember correctly, it was about $20.

During the lecture explaining the rather simple technique, the fellow used a helpful image on the blackboard. I have created a Photoshop version below.

Here is the basic method for quieting the mind that the lecturer presented to the class from his study with the yogi. He used the example of a pond of water. Since “being” is a feminine state of consciousness, the water analogy is certainly appropriate. Why most people run around in fear, “doing” and “thinking” too much, the male polarity of Yang aspect, is because they are afraid to quiet the mind and go inward into the Yin aspect of “feelings” and “being.” Most people are frankly afraid of themselves and what is stored inside their Emotional Body.

He related that conscious thought is floating on the surface of the pond. By using what is called a “mantra”, a word without any meaning, just a sound chosen to focus the mind, one can go beneath the active chatter of the ego consciousness to a personal state of bliss deep within which connects us with the Universal Mind and Heart. 

Each student was given their own mantra by the teacher. We were told to begin repeating the sound. One can even start the meditative exercise by saying the sound out loud. Then each time it is repeated, reduce the volume until it is only a thought. Continue thinking the mantra repeatedly, each time reducing the volume in your mind until the thought of the mantra is reduced in size like the bubble images above. 

If extraneous thoughts interrupt the process, let go of them without anger or frustration and return then again to the mantra sound in your mind. Eventually the mind will follow the subtle expression of the mantra until it reaches being-ness, a state without mind’s chatter or Ego’s fear.

To take full advantage of this healing exercise, one is encouraged to use this practice twice a day, morning and night, for as many minutes as is comfortable. Even five minutes will have a profound effect. The Lotus position is not necessary. 

[The Lotus position is sitting upright with legs folded. Ascended master, Guatama Buddha, who is said to have risen from the Lotus flower, originated this body positioning when meditating. In truth, the Crown chakra (energy center) at the top of the head is said to open more fully, like the petals of that flower, if one connects to one’s soul through these meditation practices. 

It is the portal at the Crown chakra that the soul enters upon the moment of birth through the fontanel, the opening in the skull, once the mother releases the prepared fetus from her womb. It is her nervous system that is affecting the fetus movement while it is in gestation. Once she is severed from that connection, the incoming soul takes over the prepared physical vehicle immediately with its own umbilical chord, a strand of light from the Source, that enters through that dimensional portal at the Crown Chakra of the human form. Once the fontanel closes over after four months, the soul is encapsulated in the human body until it is released upon the moment of fundamental change, called Death.]

When performing meditation, just sit in a comfortable chair so no discomfort of the body will distract you from the inner mantra. Even a few minutes doing this technique will alter one’s experience of stress. When the mind is not in fear, the body rejuvenates more easily because of the higher frequency. 

So one of the benefits of TM is increased energy and vitality. Doing is using energy in force. Being is storing energy for force. If one uses force throughout the day with no pause to store energy, one will dissipate one’s vitality including aging the body. We need to “do” things, yes. But more importantly, we need to “be” too, to be a truly balanced individual of the Yang, as well as Yin polarity.

If anyone reading this essay wishes to try this meditative technique, I would be happy to give you your own personal mantra. Just email me. A mantra is not to be shared with anyone else, or one takes the chance of adding unwanted meaning to the word.

Hope you enjoy the sharing of this important mental exercise. May it help bring you peace at times when life’s stresses and fears are tugging at your inner state of bliss.

End transmission.

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