The Nose Knows to Say No!

One of the most misunderstood physical ailments of the human body is an inflammation of any kind. The medical profession will note the symptoms of swelling or redness, name it inflammation of the area affected, and call it a clinical diagnosis. All they are really doing is labeling the area of the body that is inflamed. For instance, tonsillitis, by slapping on a suffix of “itis” to the organ named that is inflamed, or, as in the case of “irritable bowel syndrome,” adding the word “syndrome” at the end, medical practitioners then feel they have labeled properly and determined the cause of the person’s ailment. That wordy, unenlightened diagnosis does nothing to help the patient, for they probably already knew which part of their body was ailing. Only labeling the symptoms certainly does not help them avoid in the future, the sometimes chronic emotional cause that is at the crux of the dis-ease.

This simplistic thinking is arrogant, because men of science are often simply unwilling to look at or spend time discussing their own or an individual patient’s internal response to reality. For it is there that all illness originates from, which includes those dis-eases that involve inflammation of physical tissue.
To avoid or look away from that which is important in understanding anything is arrogance, and ignorance too, affectively ignoring the situation that they are called upon to heal. For the “truth is out there” in many esoteric forms, but most doctors do not wish to spend the time learning about how the internal Yin aspect in a state of emotional pain is causing all dis-ease. Prescribe a pill to stop the symptoms and they believe they have done their job.
Symbol of the medical arts, the caduceus.
That is why it is actually more correct to call these physicians “doctors,” rather than “healers.” For they doctor up the symptoms rather than help heal the person completely of their dis-ease. One needs to go to the Causal Plane to discover why an ailment is occurring. And in the case of any inflammation, ire, anger or rage at reality, is most certainly the cause. In the specific case of tonsillitis, angry, red light energy has been caught unexpressed in the throat, the 5th chakra of the body, the communication center. In other words, intense feelings of resistance went unexpressed and are trapped in physical limbo by the mind, still affecting the body.
Let’s look at the word “inflammation”. It is often defined as the body’s response to infection or injury by bringing blood and fluids to the area in order to soothe, protect and heal the tissue that has been negatively affected. The symptoms usually fall into 4 categories: redness, swelling, and heat, which then causes physical pain or discomfort. That definition addresses the physical symptoms, but does not relate the cause.
Fundamentally, the word “inflammation” suggests “setting something on fire.” And there within that definition lies more direct information in understanding the cause of any inflamed area of the body. Most people view themselves as a body which is conscious. What they fail to understand is that the soul, who is a being of light consciousness, is actually fire contained for a time within a physical vehicle, the hue-man body. Therefore a person being literally made of fire of the soul, if that element is increased past the point of physical tissue’s natural ability to house the light energy, a subtle burning of that flesh will be the result.
When a person resists reality, they are choosing to get angry at what they are experiencing. That anger is an increase in fire throughout the system. One can literally see the facial complexion redden when one is enraged or impatient at their set of circumstances. It is not just blood rising to the surface of the skin to cool the body. What they are not conscious of is how that emotional choice to resist is fueling the fire within the body past the point of its ability to maintain equilibrium. So the body’s response to inflammation occurs, swelling, hot redness, and pain.
Yes, there are viral and bacterial pathogens that cause a body to inflame, but they do not appear unless the mind has already thrown off the system with fear and resistance, or through an event of physical injury. Even injuries that spontaneously occur throughout one’s life are often how the soul guides the Lower Self when it is off its path. The discussion here though is more about the “unexplained” appearance of inflammation.
The nose is an important part of the body which involves breathing in life. So when one is resisting what life is presenting, especially on a moment to moment, daily basis, those little bursts of angry resistance build up, causing inflammation of the sensitive nasal and sinus membranes.
Possibly the most misdiagnosed physical ailment is sinusitis. If one is chronically having sneezing, dripping nose and watery eyes, and it is not a viral outbreak, like a cold or flu, it is quickly labeled as, “My allergies are acting up.” But that diagnosis can be often be in error.
Allergies involve a power issue in life. When a person does not stand up to dominators
and gives in to them always, mutating to what others wish them to be, then the little things in life can bother a person more, like pollen, because the body’s defense system has been worn down with a self defeating attitude.
Notice most of the common allergic substances begin with the power letter of “P,” like pollen and peanuts. So to really heal allergies, one must learn to express the power color of Red when it is appropriate. The Will will lead a person to those important moments of self expression, but if the person’s ego that is in fear gets in the way, the red light energy will be thrust into denial by    the Mind and stored in the Emotional Body, causing eventual dis-ease.
Red is the Root/Survival Chakra of the hue-man form. It is the equivalent of the fictional concept of the “Ruby Slippers” symbol of “The Wizard of Oz”. The word “chakra” in Sanskrit means “energy wheel.” Throughout the hue-man form there are seven primary chakras up the middle of the body, along with many others smaller energy centers positioned throughout.
The Red Root Chakra is at the base of the spine and used to ground and protect the self. If one gives up one’s power and goes into denial of the Red, those angry emotions are still created, but instead lay stuck emotionally, inflaming specific areas of the body that they adhere to, and which have a similar vibratory rate. The symbol of Eve eating the red apple, is again, symbolic representation of going into denial of the Red Root chakra. By mentally judging the passionate feelings as unacceptable, Eve swallows them, thus attempting to separate from her own consciousness and paradisal reality. Her discomfort and shame with expressing the Red base of her being, is symbolized in the mythic tale by the fig leaf. Intrinsically, Eve is a mirror of Man’s internal nature of the Yin, feminine aspect, caught in denial for a time.
Every organ of the physical body vibrates at its own specific frequency. That is of course until the fearful mind gets in the way of its natural functioning. Anger or rage and the thoughts behind those emotions have varying, but specific vibrational frequencies. “Like attracts like.” If lower vibratory emotions stemming from the Root chakra are not expressed out, then they adhere and slow down the chakra near the organ that vibrates at a similar frequency as the denial of the specific emotions being created.
Red is the slowest light wavelength of the hue-man form. If too much Red energy is stored rather than expressed out once it is created, this densest of light wavelengths basically slows down all systems of the body.

The organ of the larynx which is situated at the throat chakra, for example, becomes inflamed when fear of speaking up to an authority figure causes the person to repress their rage that should otherwise be expressed in order to protect the self. That charge of emotional red light becomes blocked by the communication center, the throat, causing the dis-ease of laryngitis. Again to point out the folly of many clinical diagnoses, that name simply means the larynx is inflamed. The patient probably already knew that, since they couldn’t talk before they walked into the doctor’s office seeking help.
Without this grounding color of red light valued, as symbolized by the “Ruby Slippers,” the consciousness tends to float above reality more on the dreamy, silvery-blue and mercurial, Mental Plane. In particular, men in denial of their anger are more prone to inflammatory dis-eases at the root chakra, enlarging the prostate gland, and possibly too, if the denial is extreme, eventual prostate cancer will occur. So unless this type of weak-willed behavior is involved in the dis-ease, the sinus condition is more than likely caused by resistance and anger, rather than allergic reaction to an external factor or substance. In a way though, sinusitis is being allergic to reality.
Metaphysician, Louise Hay, in her book, “Heal Your Body,” has defined the mental cause of sinusitis as “irritation of someone close.”  Notice again the word irritation has the root word “ire” at its center, defined as “anger” or “wrath”. Those countries of the world, whose names contain the root word, “ire”, are primarily made of incarnated spirits who are dealing with denial of there rage on the soul level, the swallowed red fruit of their minds in judgment against expressing the passionate emotions of the feminine aspect.
In Ireland, the “Land of Ire,” the reputation of men or women drinking alcohol is common. For alcohol shuts off the doorway to one’s feelings, stemming from the right brain and soul, leaving left-brain mental polarity, chatty ego in charge. Not to single them out, but to use as an example, many of the Irish drink in order to repress the angry feelings held in denial on the soul level. Furthermore, to see the “ire” connection,  the countries of Iran and Iraq have been at the very center of the world’s angriest conflicts of late.
This writer would like to expand upon Hay’s definition of sinusitis to include any irritation that is chronic and ongoing in one’s vicinity. So throughout the day, if an individual has an internal response of anger to even tiny irritations, enough of them will eventually inflame the tissue that is involved in breathing in the life that one might currently be resisting. That anger is fire as mentioned before and hotter than the physical system is able to cope with, thus causing injury to the tissue. So the membranes swell, after being burned by the soul’s hot, fiery nature. The nose then, in order to cool down the slightly burned area, produces salty, watery conditions and also brings blood to heal and swell the tissue, closing the nostrils, that have been heated up too much. That physical response can cause painful pressure that is often misunderstood too as just a “headache”.
There is an unusual phenomenon that has been called “spontaneous human combustion”. These are documented cases, where, without any external fire to ignite the physical body, a living being simply burns up. This is clear evidence of the internal fiery nature of man. For in these rare instances, from the fire of Spirit, the physical body is consumed by its own hot light.
In Astrology, one of the four elements is Fire that is associated with three Sun signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These three Fire signs are even more prone to inflammation by their innate fiery nature, which can include rashes of the skin. Rashes appearing without any external irritant are usually caused by resistance to reality in the form of impatience. One is acting like a baby, but only internally screaming, “I want it now!” A needed emotional release in the form of a shout or scream can often be quietly held in denial and muffled by mental control, thus causing dis-ease of the skin in the form of reddening.
Think how often during the day one can get annoyed at this and that. If one drops a pencil, one has a brief moment of “Ugh!,” while bending over to pick it up. Or if one is waiting for their child to arrive home from school, and it is  getting later and later, the parent may fume frequently during that time, being in a state of fear and resistance, or even anger at the worrisome situation. Anger is a defense mechanism for fear. Enough time passes with this irritation, then the following day, the sinuses will more than likely need to heal with drippy nose and sneezing.
Succinctly put, continual complaining and griping, internally or externally, causes sinusitis, for they are both emotional states of fiery resistance to what is occurring in life.
Therefore, the main point being made here to get to the root cause of sinusitis, is for a person to become more conscious of all the irritating moments throughout the day that heats up the organ which breathes in life. The more a personality can control the mind and stop those often unnecessary, mildly angry moments, the more peaceful the nose will be the next day. And then suddenly one may notice that their ”allergies” are no longer bothering them.
Periodically, people need to release emotional build up or charges. That is what the Full Moon helps us do monthly, pulling out the water (feelings) that have been stored. These releases are very necessary for emotional health. Women’s menses monthly cycle is a reflection of this release of the Red. If a female expresses her feelings throughout the month rather than repressing and storing them, the menstrual symptoms of cramping will be dramatically less.
The pain of cramping, as a physical symptom, is there to loosen up a female of her mental control over her feelings and emotions. All symptoms of dis-ease are mirrors. In other words, they are messages and information leading a person to their emotional denial. If one simply masks the symptoms without self analysis and looking inward, the dis-ease will more than likely return or become chronic.
There are physical ways to combat inflammation of the sinus cavity that are very helpful, if previous angry moments have burned the tissue. Drink plenty of water for one. And herbal remedies such as eucalyptus or menthol inhalers are excellent. For they will cool down the tissue faster than the body can do it. There is a very good reason that these herbs are often in the sauna’s air at the gym. They help soothe and cool down daily inflammation.
There is a particularly strong cough drop, that if taken once a day, can really help the body get past the state of inflammation, “Fisherman’s Friend.” The “extra strong” version is particularly powerful and provides instant relief.
Also, the Swiss company, Olbas brand  produces an herbal inhaler that is of high quality along with an aromatic oil. While bathing, a few drops of the oil placed in the palms and held close to the face while breathing it in deeply can really do the trick, opening up the sinus cavities. One can also refresh the nasal inhaler by opening its plastic bottom and putting a few drops of the oil on the cotton swab inside.
But the important point being made here is to become more aware of every little bit of anger that one chooses during the day. Sometimes one just needs to scream with the stress of reality to release a build up charge of emotions. If one doesn’t do that kind of emotional clearing occasionally, then chronic complaining may occur to vent that intense rage which has been mentally controlled and needs to release. Becoming more conscious of these events of irritation, one will notice at exactly that moment, a subtle ache in the nose, proving that this chronic resistance to breathing in what is going on in reality will cause sinusitis.
And if there are any human factors in the environment that cause frequent irritation, then one needs to address those people rather than staying in a state of denial and ignoring what is causing dis-ease. It usually means one should not be afraid to express the Red to someone, regarding how annoying their behavior has been, and that it really needs to stop for the health of all.
End transmission.
Addendum: The nose is the human body’s physical symbol of one’s self image. In direct proportion, the larger the nose, the greater the sense of self worth. When one feels negative about their appearance, frequently the nose is the focus of discontent. It is then often then surgically altered to fit that smaller, ego-centric view. Therefore, it can be extrapolated that if there are chronic dis-eases involving the nose, one needs to look at the attack one is making regularly upon how one views themselves. Since All is One, that includes any continual negative view one might have towards others as well as the local environment.
One might ask, “But what about genetic diseases that seemed to be there at the moment of birth?” What one then needs to understand is that the soul, along with the One Mind, programs the life path through the genetic matrix. If a “missing chromosome” situation exists, it is there to mirror the soul level in order for the light being to work through a specific fear in its consciousness during the physical incarnation. One is never a victim to a genetic flaw, for “There seems to be no plan, because it is all plan,” says wise French philosopher, Blaise Pascal. Mankind has been programming computers in a similar way using “1’s” and “0’s” for only a few decades. Spirit has been genetically programming biological beings for billions of years.
Addendum 2: A hue-man being is made up of two separate consciousnesses connected as one. The soul, also known as the Higher Self, has been artfully described in prosaic form by Italian writer, Carlo Collodi. His character of Geppetto, who creates a puppet named, Pinocchio, with many strings attached, is a symbolic representation of this dual nature of Man.
Part of Lower Self consciousness is ego, which had been originally formed from thoughts of fear and separation in the distant past. Pinocchio’s nose growing in the fabled story is there to remind mankind of ego’s tendency towards self-deception.
Thematically presented in the novel, it is only when the Lower Self consciousness chooses truth above all else, that the controlling strings of guidance from above can be cut. And by taking charge of its fear-threat reaction to what is occurring in reality, the puppet character is finally able to be a real, self-actualized boy.
Simply put, the nose knows to speak the truth, and accept whatever reality that it is breathing in at every moment of every day. Otherwise, if the mind gets in the way of a person’s natural response to life, the proboscis will inflame, swell and enlarge, having come down with quite a terrible case of sinusitis for the individual “Pinocchio”.

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