Man’s Affect Upon Weather

Man’s Affect Upon Weather
     See above, Montreal Botanical Garden’s artful homage to Mother Earth!
Before understanding why devastating weather events occur, one needs to accept the absolute truth that the planet men walk upon is a living conscious being. Man in his egocentrism looks at the mountains as lifeless rock; he views the skies as just the air he breathes; and he floats on or swims playfully in the ocean, thinking it is just a large pool of water for his travel or recreation. What he needs to learn is that man is a symbiotic creature sharing consciousness and form with the living planet named, Gaia.
     Because of existing in the physical dimension, humans generally believe, at the present time, that what he perceives, and only that, is all that there is. Science, currently thought of as a religion by many, has a prove it to me attitude, the “I won’t believe it unless I can see it” view. Only if some aspect of reality is calculable, the science community will not accept the nature of reality, that existence is multi-dimensional and that if one is aware of only one of those dimensional states, one will have a very limited view of the nature of reality.
     Each soul’s consciousness in the act of incarnation, encases itself within a physical vehicle made up of Mother Earth’s body. It is a sharing of this great being’s physical form that enables each soul to transcend its fears and learn to express his true watery, feeling nature. Succinctly put, man is learning to govern his individual emotions and feelings through the earth experience.
     By souls exploring on such a unique world that is made up of 2/3 water, the human species can quickly, relatively speaking, and faster than any other planet in existence, expand his heart and feeling center. The oceans of this world are a petri dish of humanness, teaching people to express out their denial and open then their Heart center’s expression of the feminine, Yin aspect. Man has explored his mental, Yang, male polarity, rather thoroughly, but is still in an infant stage of personal awareness of the Emotional Body, the inner Eve.
     Without knowing that the planet is a conscious entity, one cannot move forward to understand how human thoughts and actions affect the land, water and atmosphere of this living being. Each person is deeply connected through their own physical form, the dust and body of this planet. So to think that one can treat their body or environment, without respect and good governance, while still expecting a pleasant result, is not seeing how, at the same time, one is treating Mother Earth poorly too.
     Poor diet is just one example. Daily, putting chemically laced foods into one’s system is a direct way of causing dis-ease in the body of the person consuming the “bad” food. Those consumptions pollute a tiny part of Mother Earth. That is particularly why the better choice of cremation upon the passing of a person into Higher Realms is spiritually preferred. For with decades of consuming pollutants and storing negative thoughts in the flesh, the worst thing for Mother Earth is to place the cadaver full of those negative aspects into the crust of her body. We come to Earth in the form of Spirit and fire and need to exit the body that one uses during life in the same way. Once the soul’s consciousness exits and crosses over into the Spiritual dimension, cremation clears the negative thoughts and feelings imprinted upon the physical form as well as the pollutants that were left behind in it.
     So now knowing that any negative thoughts or behaviors affect the planet too, one needs to look specifically at some of the more harmful actions perpetrated against the planet. Self destructive, negative behavior by man upon the planet has a direct correlation to the quality of life he enjoys or doesn’t enjoy. It has been shared by Spirit, that the 90’s Gulf War in particular called the “Mother of all Wars,” inflicted great pain upon Gaia. It was shortly after that time of intense bombings of Irag, that the United States experience many destructive weather patterns including hurricanes and tornados.
     One important point to note is that Mother Earth does not react to hurt man for his unconscious cruelty. She is simply reacting as any person would behave if someone dropped a firecracker upon their body. In fact, it has been shared that she makes a great effort during earthquakes, despite the need to shake off the pain, to not hurt mankind as best she can while still protecting herself. Recently, a hydrogen bomb was set off within the skin of the planet by North Korea. Is it not a wonder why soon after that, the hurricanes were of a ferocious nature almost unparalleled in history?
Here is cruel despoiling of Gaia’s surface with seemingly endless fracking sites. Imagine what has occurred beneath the surface of Man’s cruelty to Gaia!
     The United States has also increased its use of fracking, digging for natural gas. This pressured pumping of noxious chemicals into the body of Gaia is one primary factor which brings catastrophic weather events to the USA, including fires and earthquakes. It is a guarantee that if man respected the planet more, treated her with kindness in his thoughts, made an effort to clean the air, and ended negative actions such as dropping bombs and natural gas fracking, the weather patterns would certainly become more peaceful and less destructive.
     There is a direct correlation between horrific weather occurrences and the hateful way man takes for granted the living planet he literally rapes ever day with his wanton greed of the resources that Gaia offers so generously already. For there are ways to go after those resources without causing such pain to this loving entity who has raised mankind for millennia and who offers so much freely.
     Right below is a short channeled message shared again from the actual mind of Gaia. Channeler, Maurice B, Cooke, in an audience, question and answer session, was used as a clear channel to pass a message from her. It will in a few words reveal the love that she feels for the “Family of Man”, despite the unconscious cruelty he commits upon her Self at this time in history.
     So the main point being made here is that man needs to become more conscious of the being he walks upon and with whom he shares physical form. Because the planet is so immense, men have thought is is ok to spoil this area over here, if it doesn’t touch my own living space. But all of the Earth is connected as one being, which also symbiotically shares form with every human on the planet. Only ego can think, “What I do does not affect me”.
     Throwing trash into the ocean, or releasing chemicals into rivers by an industrial plant, even though it appears it flows away and downstream, eventually returns both in physical dis-ease, carrying with it a return of negative karmic too for those who carelessly had spilled garbage into the ocean, or, who cared not about the pollutants spewing from business activities.
      Thoughts are things which have power. Unfortunately though, they are often stemming from Ego’s fear threat reaction, hating for instance, Mother Earth when she presents catastrophic weather events as a teaching tool of Man’s cruelty. Each person needs to take charge of that part of the self by choosing to not create such negative thoughts of victimization. It is advised to replace those thoughts by thinking kindly of the planet which enables each soul to mature and grow in awareness.
     And do your own individual part in avoiding chemicals in food and other activities as best we can. In time the planet will be returned to its past, healthier state, but much work needs to be done to change the view of how all is one and one is all.
     Therefore do not play victim to weather events despite their calamity and challenge. There is a real reason they need to occur. They do not pop up suddenly from just happenstance. For on a very human level, these violent, natural events are desperate messages from a being who is experiencing great pain caused by the unconscious actions of the species which she has been harboring so lovingly for eons.
End Transmission.