Astrological Matrix of a President

Astrological Matrix of a President

It is clearly time now that the citizens of the United States look seriously at the mental health of President Trump for the sake of the nation. No longer is it important to discuss his conservative polarity of policy views about governing; that is for another time of self reflection. The mental health professionals of this country need to speak up, as well as the politicians who have power in making sure the Commander in Chief is emotionally stable enough to lead the largest military force in history.

      What can this one citizen do? Share my knowledge and analysis of Donald J. Trumps’ Natal Chart, in order to focus others, so that they can simply understand what kind of consciousness issues may be present with this Gemini Sun Sign. 

Before I do that, I want to emphasize that what is describe here is often the worse case scenario for these astrological placements. A Gemini isn’t necessarily as severely afflicted as President Trump. But there are commonalities or the symbol of the Twin would have no meaning. 

An astrological placement is in symbol form, or glyph, a description of a soul’s tendencies over eons of time. The saying, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” applies so intrinsically to this symbolic science. For it is a quick way that Spirit can describe to the Lower Self who is incarnated, the exact life path lessons which the soul will inevitably have to go through or be tested upon.

Some aspects in the chart, for instance, the Moon sign, signify the current life path, while others, like the Sun sign, represent fundamental traits of the ancient soul. 

The Sun Sign, or one could say, Source sign, mirrors the soul’s basic characteristics. 

The Moon sign, is an Earth oriented symbol describing the early home environment of the incarnated human, as well as their internal response to reality, the Feminine Yin aspect of being and feeling, that is often more hidden from conscious view. 

And thirdly, the symbol of the Ascendant or Rising sign, is presented to the human being to color aspects of its personality, or to work through issues to help the soul ascend to higher knowingness. There are many other important factors in the Natal Chart to describe how one behaves or thinks. But to simplify the analysis a bit, I will focus here only on just those three astrological symbols.

In Spirit form, all soul’s are an orb of consciousness, a light being that can present human shape and form at will. That is also a spiritual equivalence of the Source or Sun in our own, very conscious, solar system. So therefore, the Sun sign in the matrix of Astrology serves to give meaning as the the fundamental nature of the soul in question. 

President Trumps’ Sun sign is Gemini, the Twin. The “twin” concept is presenting in one word, the tendency of this Sun sign to split in consciousness. A Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the silvery-quick consciousness of the mind. No one is faster and more quick witted than a Gemini. Male polarity is thinking (Yang) and female polarity is feeling (Yin). All humans are attempting to balance their Yin and Yang aspects. 

Gemini’s key phrase is “I think”. And in that cool, mental approach to life, the Gemini has a tendency to push away their feelings, or think that there is something wrong with emotional self expression. There is great judgment on the soul level against the feminine aspect within this Sun sign’s consciousness. It can stem from embarrassment or shame thinking that emotional expression is out of control and an embarrassment. The phrase often said by mental approach CEOs, like Trump, “There will be no crying in the board room” makes their feelingless and heartless approach to governing a problem.

The Gemini cares, in other words, too much too what others “think” and therefore will mutate and stuff the feelings. If after lifetime after lifetime a consciousness keeps their feminine aspect at bay, a real split in self-awareness will occur and an insensitivity to the feelings of others will present itself. 

In the ancient myth, Mercury was describe as a male force, that would quickly enter a room, say something smart-alecky, and then fly away with wings on his heels, not noticing the pain caused by his twisted wit. One witnesses almost daily Trump’s cruel wit that many unfortunately in this country find entertaining. Like an insult comic, Trump’s quick mind, unaware of the effect he is having by his casual insults, clearly shows he is split from his feminine aspect quite dramatically. This is where Trump’s misogyny stems from on the soul level. There is great judgment against the female expressing the red. Another way to see this common human issue symbolically, is that Trump’s inner Eve is continually told by his outer Adam’s, mental judgments, to keep swallowing her red fruit rather than express and spit it out.

Again to emphasize, there are many Gemini’s who are not as severely afflicted as Trump. But it is hope by sharing this analysis that they will be willing to consider, that in some form, there is too much mental judgment against the feminine aspect within their consciousness. Fundamentally, this twin split is caused by Ego afraid to fully express the Self.

How does this split in consciousness manifest? Trump’s Sun sign of Gemini would suggests that he leads with his male, mental polarity, only thinking, and that the feminine is kept quite in the background, basically being ignored. As a result, the feminine aspect gets more and more angry and frustrated, never being valued. Have we all not noticed the First Lady’s rather distant way of being with her husband?

As anyone might know, when one ignores one’s feelings, they only get more and more frustrated to express out. This creates an angel/devil twin, where the presentational and more pleasant, “Dr. Jekyl” self leads in life, while the “Mr. Hyde/Lucy” appearing only during the darkness of night when no one is noticing. In truth, the feminine aspect will rise to express herself within all humans eventually. However, with the Gemini’s general tendency towards controlling the Yin polarity within, it is inevitable that once this part of consciousness is finally let out, there will be an anger and often cruelness that is in direct proportion to the level of mental control that was maintained over time.

Because Gemini’s tend to not go deeply into their complexity of the feminine aspect, wanting only quick mental answers to life, complex reality is often approach in a very shallow way. Trump cannot look deeply at any one issue because he basically doesn’t look deeply into his own being.

That said, let’s look at his Sagittarian Moon sign. As stated earlier, the Moon sign is a reflective mirror of the Earth experience and what the soul wants to work through on the feminine level. 


Sagittarius is symbolized by Jupiter, the most expansive and largest of all the planets in our solar system. Whenever Jupiter is present in symbol form, being an immense consciousness, as well as in the myth called “King of the Gods”, when it aligns or is present, it’s energy increases any aspect. It is also a male polarity sign, the archer shooting his arrows of thought, bluntly hitting the bull’s eye without sensitivity to anyone’s feelings. So Trump having his Sun and Moon sign in another male polarity sign, would immediately suggest a soul whose mental approach is unbalanced. With such expansive wealth in youth, it often brings with it too, an overly confident manner that is not necessarily warranted, nor earned.

Anyone too, with Sagittarius strongly in their chart, tend to exaggerate and enlarge whatever that they think about or do. Nothing is small in life with a sun or moon sign in Sagittarius. Things are incredibly immense, huge, and every other grandiose word one can use in describing anything.

The Moon sign also symbolizes the set of circumstances that one will experience in the early home environment. In the case of Jupiter, also called the planet of the “Wheel of Fortune”, it will offer to anyone born with this Moon sign placement, abundance and great wealth in the early home so that the person can take that into adulthood. However, with this placement comes too, only a mental approach that is again emphasized by the parental figures. In a way, too much mental is put upon the soul so it learns to value feelings more. Some people, however, have trouble changing their overly mental approach despite experiencing such an unfeeling, and unloving, mental upbringing.

Jupiter (Jove) brings with it a constant energy of trying to stay positive or jovial, despite what may be going on emotionally. So in other words, our president is feelingless, having severe afflictions with both these two main, male polarity placements in his chart. The soul therefore, knowing this previously to be the case, is currently attempting to color the Self with the Rising Sign or Ascendant. 

With Taurus as Trumps’ ascendant, his soul is attempting to add the love element and feminine polarity. Taurus is symbolized by Venus, the planet of love, arts and beauty. It is the ultimate symbol of feminine polarity in its most infant stage of feeling and being. The Number glyph “2” is associated with this second sign of the Zodiac. If you notice, the number ”2” is the “1” written, this time sitting on its haunches, passively being and taking time to feel with its head bowed. 

With the very sensual nature of this Fixed, Earth sign, slow to move its feelings, the tendency is to be stubborn and unmoving. This is partially due to the fact that the feelings that have been felt in the past are stubbornly locked into position of mental control. However, by adding this powerful feeling beast to the consciousness, a softening of the cool mental aspect is hoped to occur. Sagittarian arrows are firm and unbending. Adding the warmth of Heart through the Venusian aspect of Taurus, it is hope will balance the soul with more Yin polarity.

One quality of the Rising sign is that the soul seldom views themselves by this personality symbol reflected in its consciousness. The traits are new to its being, but it can be sure that others often view the person reflected more by the Rising sign than even maybe their Sun or Moon sign. 

Taurus energy brings love of the sensual and finer things in life. Trump’s tendency towards guided and plush environment is evidence of his Ascendant. Taurus consciousness can be so caught in the earthly grounded sign of pleasure, that the “I have”, its keep phrase, can be more important than what it feels or thinks. With this sensual Earth sign, comes a self-interested nature too. For the bull is hard pressed to see how others feelings are important too. For the bull doesn’t feel things subtle, but powerfully and therefore that focused depth of being can override awareness of others.

So having described in rather simple terms, these three main aspects of President’ Trump’s Natal Chart, one can immediately see that a true split unconsciousness is surely present. Another famous Gemini is O. J. Simpson. He is not lying to the public about his monstrous acts committed so heinously years ago, as much as he is having a real split in awareness of those murderous actions.

Trump has always displayed his twin nature, for instance, calling reporters in the 80’s pretending to be someone speaking for Donald Trump. But this split consciousness, as pressures are building from his web of lies over the past few decades that are finally catching up with him, are causing this split to increase in severity. He is lying to himself too.

As a general rule, Gemini’s are not great leaders, but have more innate talents in terms of communication skills, enhanced in that way by the mercurial influence. Mercury was the “Messenger of the Gods” in the ancient myth symbol. So the advice is to hire these people as language interpreters, teachers, writers, anchormen, etc.; But have them lead a nation with this lack of self awareness and sensitivity to feelings, “I think” not?!

Trump’s internal placement of Moon in Sagittarius too, makes him too blunt and direct in any situation to be diplomatic. Sagittarian Sun signs know that they can get themselves often in trouble by just blurting out the truth of what they think. As stated before, the archer’s arrow symbol represents thought sent too speedily and pointed in its approach. Yes, it may be the truth spoken, but without any awareness of the hurt or pain caused by such a blunt tool of the mind, will surely leave the hearts of others occasionally wounded.

And finally, the personality trait symbolized by a Taurus Ascendant is very much evident in the president’s demeanor. Even supporters of Trump know, despite their vote, that this vain, self-centered man makes him fundamentally unacceptable as the leader of the free world. For this job is a challenge of sacrifice, literally giving up 4-8 years of one’s life for others. Trump can’t begin to approach nor understand that level of martyrdom. Even the tax plan that he so wishes to pass, is all about protecting his millions instead of helping the poor despite his lies to the public saying it will help the middle class. 

And one common, unfortunate side result of having a moon sign in Sagittarius, is that a “golden spoon in the mouth” in the early home environment often causes a person to have little, or no understanding or compassion for the lot of the poor. One learns compassion for others often by having already experienced a similar pain.

Hopefully, this somewhat shallow analysis of the very complex Natal Chart of Donald J. Trump, will in of itself, make it clear that this soul, who is not in touch at all as to the effect he is having upon the entire world, and whose shallow approach to the complexity of running a nation, makes it necessary, for the sake of all, including him, to be removed from office.

By the way, Mike Pence is also a Gemini, so that is not the answer either. Two split personalities leading this nation, if not addressed soon, will surely have a negative and deleterious effect upon our standing throughout the entire world. Unless checked, the lies and self-deception will continue to run rampant and destroy the belief in truth as we have known it. Without truth, mankind has nothing. Trump’s tendency towards calling everything but what he believes to be, as “fake news,” is his darker self attempting to convince his other half of his ego’s delusion.

As a final thought, one may wonder why this person achieved such an important position. I feel it is the Universe wanting to quickly work through the misogyny which pervades all cultures across the globe. By having a man in charge, who has absolutely no respect for the feminine aspect, it has brought forth the goddess, and ultimately has empowered the feminine polarity within the species of Man. This balancing of the Yin and Yang aspects will in time have a very positive effect upon the quality of life on this Earth. Eve, in denial and kept repressed by the mind, has been the cause of all ills that have been created throughout his-story. As a result, with the feminine polarity now growing in confidence, Heart can be free, the most powerful healing force of consciousness. Mind pales in comparison.

End transmission.